When Vice City meets GTA 5 | Rockstar Editor video

Tommy Vercetti came all the way from Vice City to Los Santos to kick Franklin’s, Michael’s and Trevor’s buttocks in GTA 5. But he forgot something quite important..

~~ GTA 5 Shenanigans ~~

In these GTA 5 Shenanigans videos, Chaney, Shoalts, Gordymills and their squadron of bastards compile their favorite GTA V funny moments from GTA online sessions into a single video. All Grand Theft Auto gameplay sessions are now recorded on PlayStation 4.

~~ 8-Bit Bastard ~~

8-BIT BASTARD is a super mega ultra awesome gaming channel creating original machinima, stunts and recreations. Bringing you a mixture of modern and classic games, 8-BIT BASTARD is home to original episodes of Weazel News, GTA 5 Movie Recreations and the “How Big Is It?” series.

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