#WatchDogsIV Update v1.1

“This mod idea has been “initialized” by Yeardley Diamond weeks ago, in the beginning it had only the camera hack feature, but inspired by ac.amir new (w.i.p.) Aiden Pearce model with animated coat i created more features inspired by the Watch Dogs game. Ac.amir also helped with the custom animations.”

Download the mod here (v1.1)

Download ac.amir Aiden Pearce playerped model with animated coat here
Download the Watch Dogs mobile radio script here
Download the ASP Baton here (rename the files to replace the amb_clawhammer in weapons.img)
Check the mod history here.

Update v1.1:

-Fixed missing/wrong weapon icons
-Fixed sniper scope issue
-Fixed weapon name crop issue
-Fixed some HUD items with wrong scale in some resolutions
-Fixed some anims pinky finger issue (some)
-Added options to disable idle anims
-Added ac.amir animated coat anims to be used with his model
-Added new hack: Burst peds cellphone battery
-Added new hack: Lock, unlock and remote control cars
-Added new hack: Electrocute (Payphone, ATM and Ticket machine)
-Small improvements in some methods like find items to hack and take down.

Installation: This mod uses OpenIV Package Installer, see how to install here

-To have the squared map, install the squared map option or use one that you prefer, for example, the squared map by XForceP :)
-To have the map on right + hide the original wanted stars and weapon icon, install the first hud.dat option.
-Check the .ini file/mod menu to see what options you can enabled/disable.
-To improve the BLACKOUT feature, modify the timecyc.dat with the info from the file “to edit timecyc.txt”
-You can reduce the BLACKOUT extra darkness in the self-generated .ini file of the mod.


-The mod is inspired by Watch Dogs game, it’s not a copy (mainly HUD).
-The video editor controls may disappear if mod is running, you can disable the mod in the mod menu (Insert).
-The put/remove Scarf option is set to “always hidden” by default, you can enable the automatic mode in the mod menu, i was having random game crash with custom player “Aiden Pearce” models when toggling the scarf (sus2/suse2) of those models, this is why i left disabled. In a future update we will use a separated model that don’t will have this issue.
-The animations need some “touch” to look better/more natural.
-The features are inspired by the WD game, are not the same.
-Walk over train may fail if you keep moving when train is moving at high speed.
-Weapon ammo may be affected by the mod (increased).
-Black textures: ENB issue, press ‘ or ~ to show scripthook console window then press again to close it, the texture may appear normal now.
-White textures: Scripthook draw issue, reload a save game.
-Invisible player character/ambient: Issue related to custom camera, happens when player goes through a door but camera goes through the wall, pass through the door again with the camera and it may be solved :)
-Wrong screen overlay in BLACKOUT (full color): ENB issue, set to 0 the blackOutDarknessDesired option in the .ini file.


-Payphone, ticket machine and ATM – Explode
-Wall lights – Burst
-ATM – Free money
-Trains – Stop, Go, Return
-Traffic lights – Confuse drivers making them crash
-Road block – Block the road/street
-Cameras – View camera live video
-Pop Machines – Release soda cans
-Parked cars – Trip alarm

-Walk/stand over train in movement
-Idle anim (hands in pocket)
-Small gun anim (hide gun)
-Custom walk, run and sprint anims
-Put/remove scarf
-Improved cops shoot accuracy
-Improved cops driving
-ctOS wanted level system (pre-wanted + witness call + scan = wanted level)
-Take down attacks
-“Weapon wheel” HUD
-Radar borders
-Health indicator below radar
-Health regeneration up to 50%
-Victims damage indicator
-Player attacker indicator
-Blood effect for player damage
-Waypoint indicator
-Dynamic camera position
-Maybe something that i can’t remember now :)


Insert – Show mods menu
E – Hack targeted item (X: Left Bumper)
R – Toggle actual item hack options (for items with multiple options) (X: Button A)
R – Cancel camera hack (X: Button B)
Hold F close to a ped – Perform a “take down” attack (X: Button Y)
Hold T – Show “weapon wheel”, tap to fast switch between armed/unarmed (X: Right Bumper)
Mouse scroll in weapon wheel – Change gun/item in selected slot (X: DPad left/right)

You can change the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file


Models by ac.amir (Mobile phone)
Anims by ac.amir and JulioNIB
Script by JulioNIB
Squared map by TAHKICT
Idea started by Yeardley Diamond (1985 – 2014, this mod is dedicated to his memory)

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