This new exploding RC Car in GTA 5 Online is hilarious…

So Rockstar games released a drivable RC Monster truck that is probably really annoying for everyone else.

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All the danger, none of the personal risk. The little car with the big payload hits the streets of Los Santos, ready to be customized with a range of explosive surprises including Kinetic and EMP mines, plus a collection of unique visual modifications and more. If you want the pleasure of seeing your enemies flee in panic from a speeding toy car, this is the only game in town.

Arena property owners can head over to Southern San Andreas Super Autos today to order the RC Bandito, which is delivered to its own full-fledged workstation in your Arena Workshop that lets you modify it, with everything from the aforementioned mines and explosives to unique liveries, lids and vertical jumping capability.

Once you’ve detailed your RC Bandito to your liking at the workshop, deploy it at any time by bringing up the Interaction Menu and selecting Inventory.

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