The Wraith | GTA 5 Reenactment | 1986 Trailer

As big fans of cheesy, classic 80’s movies & TV shows, we hope you enjoy our recreated trailer from 1986’s The Wraith in GTAV. It was directed and edited by our very own – EP. The movie stars Charlie Sheen, and was his first major acting role before he became famous with his next film – Platoon! You should totally check it out!!

If you’d like to see our split-screen comparison with the original 1986 trailer, click here:

Thanks to all our friends who helped make this video happen:

Los Demonios MC

~~ GTA 5 Movie Reenactments ~~

In this series of videos, we recreate famous TV or movie scenes within GTA V. Now we use R*’s amazing Editor to reenact these movie scenes, we draw on our good friends within the /r/GTAA reddit crew for acting resources. Check out our other GTA 5 movie reenactments on our channel!

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