The Greatest American Hero Intro Recreated In GTA V (With Side By Side Comparison)

School teacher Ralph Hinkley wound up in the wrong place at the right time. When taking his students out on a field trip, strange things started to happen to the bus and it left them all stranded in the desert. Ralph meets up with FBI Agent Bill Maxwell and they both discover an Alien Space Craft that’s gave both of them an opportunity to fight crime. Communicating through the car radio, the Aliens give Ralph a special red suit designed to give him super hero powers. Once received, he ends up immediately losing the instruction manual for the suit. Realizing that he’s probably lost it for good, he takes matters into his own hands and tests out the suit himself through trial and error.

The suit allows Ralph to have Super Human Strength, Fly, Shrink, Have Invulnerability, Invisibility, Telepathy, Precognition, Teleportation, E.S.P., Telekinesis, X-Ray & Holographic Vision, Super Speed, Pyrokinesis, Psychometry & the ability to detect supernatural beings.

This classic 80’s TV show was cancelled after it’s third season, the series ended with Ralph giving the suit to a new female Heroin when his secret identity was exposed.

(Video Blocked In New Zealand)

Created By: TWoods 826 with the Rockstar Editor on Xbox One

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(Music Used):
TV Show Theme Song – Believe It or Not – Joey Scarbury

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