The Cold & The Dead ep.1 Aftermath

Hello. This is the first episode in my new GTAV project The Cold & The Dead. All footage was captured and edited in the Rockstar Editor. Mods were used in making this machinima. A full list will be provided below.

The Project – The Cold & The Dead gives me the opportunity to work with an apocalyptic environment but also the freedom to move back and forth through time. I always thought an alternative to the consumerism of GTAV would have made an interesting DLC for story mode.

I don’t have access or the resources to hire voice actors for the project so it’ll be a very visual experience. Like a child’s picture book… full of murder and depression.

Mods – This is the first project I’ve done using mods. I wish I’d explored this method of creating machinima sooner I’m blown away by how good the GTAV modding community are.

Menyoo PC –
Enhanced Native Trainer –
Map Editor –
Scene Director –
Bad Day LS [edited] –
Green Screen Mod –
Drag Dead –
Open All Interiors –
OpenIV –
Script Hook V –

Mod requests – Mad Dog (Hard Boiled) animation for firing the Marksman pistol. More 80’s clothing. Limbs manipulation. Thanks

Nucky was a massive help with the Scene Director animations and how to get the most out of Menyoo. He is a GTAV machinima technical genius and in my opinion the best machinima creator out there. See for yourself check his channel out here –

Sound – I love this part of the project. I used Native Instruments Reaktor to create an ever evolving soundscape brooding and sinister like a child’s picture book… the instrument I used was a sound generator called Metaphysical Function and contortDistort’s Metaphysical Fabrication. Christian over at contortDistort is a professional Sound Designer his work and YouTube tutorials are a must watch for anyone interested in this kind of stuff. Check out his channel here – and his site here –

Thanks – My subs. You guys are the best and I really do appreciate your support. Rockstar Games for creating the greatest game ever made and the continued support you show it and the community. The gaming crew new and old.

Inspiration – The Road (book) by Cormac Mccarthy I highly recommend it and the film. Music – Aphex Twin. Kuedo. Prequal Tapes and the soundtracks to Blade Runner, Sicario, Arrival, Only God Forgives, The Girl with all the Gifts.

This video may contain adult humour. You’ve been warned.

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