Terminator 2 (GTA 5 film) 2022 part 1

New Remasted my GTA 5 Terminator 2
I need your support !!!

Unfortunately, it is difficult and costly to develop such a project alone; often you have to put it on the back burner in order to earn money on side projects. That is why it develops so slowly. You can support and sponsor this project, so that I can dispose of the funds for its implementation and I can fully deal with it.

This can be done on my pay pal: terrnerr@mail.ru – (do not forget to include your name in the comment)

Everyone who sponsors the project will be listed in the credits as the sponsor of the film.

Your support is very important! Without her, I’m afraid I won’t be able to continue working on it any time soon.

Thank you dear subscribers!)))

*My Mods: https://ru.gta5-mods.com/users/ATRO_ONE/files

* Vefilana for the Arnie 3d model, You can buy and download it here:”https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models?author=vefilanna”
* Anton Kharlamov for the music

*Я ВКонтакте: https://vk.com/atro_one
*Моя Группа ВКонтакте: https://vk.com/kramermedia
*FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017072016910
*INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/atro_one/

1) PayPal: terrnerr@mail.ru
2) Qiwi: +79152132314
3) yandex money: 41001665860133

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