“Running, Man” | First Video Made in the GTA V PC Editor

Introducing “Running, Man” – the first video EVER made on GTA V’s new PC video editor!

We were honored to be commissioned by Rockstar Games to make this kickass video, made entirely using the new in-game editor. A lot of you guys have said you’re looking forward to seeing what we do with the GTA V PC editor, so hopefully you enjoy our first video!

Trevor has never looked sexier than he does in slow motion on PC — on that we can all agree. You can almost smell those sweaty running shorts.

Huge thanks to the guys at Rockstar Games for letting us go wild with the Rockstar Editor before it was released!

Let us know what you thought of the video by voting with your digital thumbs and tell us what you’d like to see us do next.

Music: K.Y.S.A. by Phantogram

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