Rockstar’s epic GTAV PC is the definitive version (Previews)

Various GTAV PC Previews have been published today, they bring us lots of new screenshots (see below),ย info about the physical version of GTAV PC (its coming on 7 DVDs), Info on how RockstarGames will handle modding in GTAOnline, a hands on report by GTA V O’clock, be check out the previews below and see all the awesome new 4K Screenshots

See theย GTA V o’clock: GTA 5 PC Preview – Hands-on report:

See the all new screenshots below:

PC Setting Screenshots

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    • Roberto Spudrika
    • April 9, 2015
    • Reply

    Well, guys, I have some bad news – looks like there won’t be modding supported in GTA 5, so no cool GTA 4 mods alike websites like this for GTA V. Life sucks.

    • Modding will come, just not in GTAOnline as that all cloud managed and would ruin the game if mods where allowed, GTAV Single Player Mods will come though for sure.

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