Rockstar Editor September Update

Rockstar has announced that they will be having new features for the upcoming arrival of “Rockstar Editor” to Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles.

“As part of the next downloadable update for Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online… This update will also bring with it some new features for the Rockstar Editor that will be available for all three platforms including PC, along with some exciting new gameplay for GTA Online Freemode that we’ll be sharing more about in the coming weeks,” the official statementย reads.

Previously available for PC platform only when it launched in April, Rockstar Editor will allow players to experience ambient sound effects and audio from collections of Foley and other SFX to produce real-life effect; exporting and integration of Snapmatic still frame that let the user choose the perfect angle of the camera; and a revamped Director Mode that displays an enlarged map, freeze chosen time, and to spawn air and water vehicles

See the first ever Rockstar Editor Video, captured and done using the only the in-game editorย by the great 8-Bastard team

Rockstar Editor will become available in September as a part of downloadable content pack but no specific date has been mentioned yet.

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