RedDead Junkies – Coming Soon

Just a quick post to say, we are looking to launch ‘Red Dead Junkies‘ a sister site to GTA Junkies over the next few weeks, we posted made the announcement via a twitter a few hours ago, but thought we would post as well, we know as much as you guys if there is or isn’t going to be a new Red Dead game, the rumour mill is getting hyped and Rockstar Games Parent Company Will Be at E3 2016 in a ‘Big Way’, so we thought we would bring online the site to provide you guys with the latest rumours, we will also use the site to build the back catalogue of Red Dead games into the site.

If you have never played this masterpiece of a game you can pick it up fairly cheap on amazon or ebay for Xbox 360 or PS3

Check our the launch trailer back from May 2010

Be sure to follow @RedDeadJunkies on twitter & IG for the latest rumours!
Oh and if you didn’t know we also have Minecraft Junkies :)

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