PUBG Ninja Montage 15

PUBG Ninja Montage Compilation Challenge
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Hey guys, just wanted to say I’m sorry for going inactive. Some of you may know already but if you don’t, my mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. At first I was filtering it out like it never happened but then after a few months, it finally hit me that I lost my mom. I went through some serious depression, anxiety, and stress. I took care of my mom every single day and I used my video revenue and sponsor money to help support her through her battle with such a terrible cancer. After everything that I went through with my mom, it finally hit me hard mentally. It’s hard to make funny content when things aren’t going great. I feel a lot better now and I promise I will keep creating awesome content! Seriously thank you for all the support. Thank you to everyone that subscribed to me. Without you guys, I wouldn’t of been able to take care of my mom everyday like I did. I will probably make a video in the future about the situation because it deserves a long in depth video explanation especially because I want to share the experience of what my mom went through with me. Thank you for showing your support on my content with all the likes comments and views. Don’t worry, I also read all of your comments. If you’d like to talk with me or game with me, you can join my Discord server and message me. Thank you for being awesome!

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