New GTA Online details from IGN

IGN’s week of exclusive GTA V content continues today with “10 Crazy, Awesome Things I Saw and Did in Grand Theft Auto Online“. The article contains a lot of details about Rockstar’s new multiplayer platform along with brand new screenshots.

  • You can go on convenience store robberies with friends.
  • Start online races by dropping a pin on the map and having friends join up.
  • One multiplayer mission Titan Steel has you and your friends stealing a plane and landing it on your own airstrip.
  • Play golf and tennis online.
  • You can invite friends to your in-game house.
  • Hundreds of online missions will be available at launch on October 1.
  • You can watch movies with your friends in-game.
  • Secure your accrued money from theft/loss after dying by visiting an ATM.
  • Deathmatch and race editors will be available at launch for creating your own missions, and more will follow later.
  • There’s a “Make It Rain” button that you can use to impress your friends when visiting a strip club together.


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