Never Cry Wolf – GTA V Rockstar Editor

Picking up where K.I.A left off, Wolf is now back with his squad after being seemingly brainwashed by MerryWeathers top dog, ‘The Interrogator’. Wolf and Siren must now seek revenge on this mysterious man and make him pay!

Ash – Skyqueen for not only starring in the video but for editing the credits for the video and creating the whole scene at the end. Go check out her Youtube!

Dave Games and Gtamen for taking the time out of their day to provide voice acting work just for this video! Go check them out!
Dave Games –
Gtamen –

EP for creating the awesome action music during the office shootout scene! An amazing composer and a great friend, go check out his MC’s Youtube channel!

AND THANK YOU TO Rooij Guy, JustinHN46 and paulliewallnuts for starring as extras for the ship scene ;) Give them a follow on Twitter!
Rooij Guy –
JustinHN46 –
paulliewallnuts –

Thumbnail made by the talented Lu Iggy!

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“Paint It Black Cover Metal Remix” Artist

PC Mods Used:

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The intro was made by the very talented Robert from DualityVFX go check out his work!

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