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We’ve been watching this guy MrNastyDJ over the last few nights after a tweet out to us, we thought he’s worthy of a news post as we’ve enjoyed his streams over the last few nights, he mainly does epic community races, his streaming schedule is as follows – he even ordered a kebab on his Saturday stream! epic

  • Monday: 7.00 PM – 12.00 PM GMT (UK Time) XBox360
  • Tuesday: 7.00 PM – 12.00 PM GMT (UK Time) XBoxONE
  • Wednesday: 7.00 PM – 12.00 PM GMT (UK Time) XBox360
  • Thursday: 7.00 PM – 12.00 PM GMT (UK Time) XBoxONE
  • Friday: 7.00 PM – Early Saturday Morning! GMT (UK Time) XBox360 OR XBoxONE
  • Saturday: Early Morning to Early Afternoon ( 12.00 AM – Early Morning GMT UK Time) XBox360 OR XBoxONE
  • Sunday: Afternoon Till Late (12.00 PM – Late UK GMT) XBox360 OR XBoxONE

About Mr Nasty started to make YouTube Videos and Stream on Twitch in Late November 2014. Having played videos games on consoles since a young age he has continued to be involved in the gaming world up until the present day. Now at 29 years old his favorite games are (But not limited to) the GTA and Call Of Duty Series of games. He loves to interact with his fans and plays these games with his followers on a regular basis. He also streams off the Xbox One and Xbox 360 at present but is looking to get the PS4 as soon as possible. Mr Nasty lives in the North West of the UK and currently works in the recruitment sector (office job)

If you would like to keep in touch and ask Mr Nasty anything at all then please feel free to ask him live on stream or on his twitter @mrnastydj ( )

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    • benjamin
    • March 3, 2015
    • Reply

    looks great guys <3

  1. Thanks so much for this! @gtajunkies You Guys rock!

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