GTAV Skydive: ‘Liquor Hole Legend’ – History Of A Signature Stunt

GTAV Freemode Skydiving stunt showcase. From the original 2014 Heli dive to the latest Moto variation, the iconic Liquor Hole location is at the very foundations of my channel. With thousands of fails behind it the highly sought after spot has taken me almost 3 years to perfect. Today I am pleased to finally present the final variation in ‘Liquor Hole Legend’. Special Thanks to Rockstar Games.

Music: ‘The Sound Of Arrows’ – Johannes Bornlöf / ‘Now We Do It Again’ (Instrumental Version) – Martin Hall –

Featuring Lady Miss 80s. Check out LADY vs MACHINE here –

Custom ‘Ash’ Intro made by Jeremy Shirk Media –

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