GTAV Rated by ESRB and Australian Rating Board

Good news everyone! We’re one step closer to that ever loving GOLD status, yesterday both the ESRB and the Australian Rating Board gave their final verdict for Grand Theft Auto V. First off, let’s get the boring one out of the way, as expected, the ESRB have once again rated another Grand Theft Auto title M for Mature for the following reasons:

Now, onto the interesting one, this is important for you Australian gamers, as you might already know the Australian Rating Board finally introduced the Restricted 18+ rating for Video Games earlier in the year, but some video games have still fallen short and been refused classification, how well has Grand Theft Auto V faired?

That’s right, Grand Theft Auto V has received the Restricted 18+ rating and it is the ORIGINAL version, not an edited version like previous games, so congratulations Australian gamers, you’re finally getting an uncut Grand Theft Auto freely available to buy in your country!

PEGI have not yet published their in depth rating for the game as of yet but the game has been rated the expected 18+ in Europe to.

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