GTAV Oppressor: Across The Map NO BOOST! – FreightTrainWTF ‘Challenge’ (INFINITE FLIGHT GLITCH!)

GTAV Across the map flight on the Oppressor from Mount Chiliad to the Airport with NO BOOST! Sounds EPIC right? Wrong. Today I’m taking on the Across The Map ”Challenge” from FreightTrain What Tha Fuudge! He describes it as difficult and challenges his audience to attempt it. What he doesn’t tell them is that he is using a glitch that allows infinite flight without touching the ground or boosting. This is a demo on The Oppressor ‘Infinite Flight Glitch’. No need for time, effort and practice. Just glitch your bike for infinite flight!

Music – Razor Sharp – Christian Nanzell/Get Back In The Game (Instrumental Version) – Sebastian Forslund

Custom ‘Ash’ Intro made by Jeremy Shirk Media –

Check out Sonny Evans’ series on ‘GTAV Youtubers’ –

Gtamen explains the Oppressor Glitch –

FreightTrain What Tha Fuudge! ‘Fly as good as me’ challenge –

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