GTAV Map built in Minecraft!

YouTuber N11cK has been working on creating the entire map of GTA 5 in Minecraft for the last eight months. He’s been uploading videos everyday starting with the map layout and working around the limitations of Minecraft, to the most recent ones in which entire sections were built, N11cK has published 129 videos so far of his epic project, be sure to check them out – We are definitely going to be following the updates as we are also Minecraft Junkies!

Watch the very first video to get an idea of what he’s looking to do.

Now watch one of the more recent ones, that’s number 129, and check out what he as accomplished so far in the project

If you want to watch the whole series, here’s the full playlist oh and be sure to follow N11cK on twitter for more updates and screenshots of his project

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