GTAOnline Heists DLC – Now Available!

The wait is finally over, Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update (Heist DLC) is now available and is slowly appearing for users

The update will set you back a data-chomping 4.8GB for Xbox One & PS4, and 1.2GB for Xbox 360 & PS3,ย Rockstar originally quoted 4.2GB for the free update, which includes five online heist missions to play with friends and a veritable arsenal of new weapons and cars.

Several leaks have revealed over the last few days that some of the new additions to Heists DLC will be, new vehicles including – amazingly – the black and red van from the A-Teamย a bunch of wardrobe additions including masks and outfits for gamers to use during online sprees.

The Update takes GTAOnline up to version 12.01ย full change log to follow shortly.

New a crew – let us know and we’ll help you find one @GTAJunkies

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