GTA IV Mod gives you GTA V Weapon Wheel

Are you a PC Gamer patiently waiting for Grand Theft Auto V? Did you watch the gameplay video last week? Want to try a little part of Grand Theft Auto V now? Well once again the modding community comes to your rescue! You might remember that we got a brief glimpse of the GTA V Weapon Wheel in the gameplay video and hot on the back of that M. Wojtanis has created a script mod to bring this feature to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV (and Episodes from Liberty City), check out the mod in the video below or go and download it now:

Download from

What’s that? You don’t own Grand Theft Auto IV on PC? (Strange, we get so many PC gamers complaining) Well you’re also in luck, we’re in the middle of a Steam Summer Sale and for the next 22 hours, all Grand Theft Auto games are 75% off their usual price, so go and Get It.

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