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In the latest round up of stand-out GTA Fan Vids, check out a seriously action-packed GTA Online gameplay montage that would put any Vinewood action movie trailer to shame, a high flying tribute to a real-world stunt superstar, the conclusion of the GTA-Series Lifeinvader Look Back trilogy and lots more. THREE MINUTES OF NON-STOP INSANITY

[GTA Online] ► Insanity, Stunts & PvP | Episode 2 by HenningM92 Titans precariously perched on metal scaffolding and between bridge supports, being used as a surfboard by various Super Cars, P-996 Lazer pilots being expertly sniped out of the sky, flipped over Rhinos doing windmills, fully-packed Speeder motorboats driving up waterfalls… These are just a few of the things you’ll see in this action-packed, balls to the wall montage of awesomeness from HenningM92 of the European Connection (TEC Gaming) & GamingOwl Crew. Also check out Episode 1 here. A BASE JUMPING TRIBUTE TO ROBERTA MANCINO

Tribute to Roberta Mancino – GTA V BASE Jump by Tommy Soulier In this one, GoPro fan Tommy Soulier uses GTA Online as a medium to channel his favorite real-life skydiver and international model Roberta Mancino. Watch as some high risk jumps and fashionable finery from Ponsonbys come together quite nicely. To compare against some of the real-world Roberta in action, here are some vids linked in the description of Tommy’s video: 2 Elements and High Fashion. MICHAEL’S “LIFEINVADER LOOK BACK”

GTA 5 – A Look Back at Michael’s Life (Facebook Parody) by GTA Series Videos In our previous Fan Vids post, we caught a glimpse of Trevor and Franklin’s heartwarming “Lifeinvader Look Back”s, thanks to veteran fan site and prolific YouTubers GTA-Series – and wondered aloud “whether Michael will also bother to get in on this nostalgic trip down memory lane?”. The answer is a resounding yes – as now it’s the head of the De Santa household’s turn to bring this amusing parody series full circle. GTAV STUNTING MEETS TURNTABLISM

GTA Online – BMX Death Mix – [BMX Combat Turntablism] by datarace1 Free Aimer swerve servin from the Murders Death Kill Crew got together with the Milwaukee based mixologists at Trauma House to produce what they describe as “BMX combat gameplay and turntablism combining in this next-level compilation of murder in motion“. The aforementioned motion in this video is dictated by and syncopated with the back and forth cutting going down on the 1s and 2s in the lower left corner of the screen. If you enjoyed that, there’s also an acapella version as well as outtakes from the making of the video to get into. Also, for some cleverly configured gunshots arranged to a bangin’ beat (with some well placed in-game sound bites), check out Gunshot Beat #1  by Unspoken OUCH. Get down! REDKEYMON STICKS THE LANDING
GTA 5 – The AMAZING Stuntman 3 ! by RedKeyMon Previously featured super heroic stuntman RedKeyMon gained a lot of attention last week for his ultra-tricky and treacherous “Wall of Death” stunt. The latest chapter in this stunt-tastic saga features not only a nod to his Wall of Death set up but a few absolutely amazing touchdowns on some of the most unlikely landing spots around.   Also Check Out:

  • Fans of Rooster Teeth’s  “Achievement Knievel” bus jumping stunt featured in our last round-up will want to check out this video where Strength Gamer ups the ante by successfully jumping more thandouble the amount of buses with four cars – clearing the P-996 Lazer’s path in the process. Your move, Rooster Teeth…
  • How long could you last in a 5-star chase driving a Zirconium Journey? Here’s an honorable attemptfrom Bay Area Buggs and company that we recently shouted out on Twitter.
  • Here’s a remake of the recently released trailer for The Purge: Anarchy, GTA Online style fromOldGrandpaCarl.
  • BLADE 1513 gets together with his buddies for this tribute to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song, complete with color-coordinated Turismos and the phrase “Donatello does machines” being interpreted a bit too literally.

As always, if you’ve got an excellent GTA or Rockstar themed clip of your own that you think the world needs to see, feel free to drop it in the comments for the Social Club community to enjoy or send it our way to have a look at, and we may feature it in a future round-up here at the Newswire.

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