GTA 5 – “The Willard Eudora” (GTA V Cinematic Film, Rockstar Editor)

Nice and chill one for the new Willard Eudora from GTA Online, with a little twist.

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Graphics by Husky1986 :

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Logic Films has been creating car showcases and cinematic short films (mostly in GTAOnline and #GTA V). Everything is filmed in Grand Theft Auto V, and uses the Rockstar Editor to produce all the shots. Our films regurarly feature #GTAmods , where we show off cars (and their customization), and bring you stories in the form of GTA movies. We pride on bringing you the highest quality of films, always in at least 4K, using different mods, that help our videos stand out. If you like what we create, consider subscribing, we upload twice a week! :)

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