GTA 5 Online Six Star Crew Trailer

GTA 5 Online Six Star Crew is back with a new trailer, new logo and now recruiting street racers and car enthusiasts as on open crew on all platforms!

Crew website & merchandise:

Crew Discord:

Six Star Open Crews:
Six Star PC:
Six Star XB1:
Six Star PS4:

Six Star Social Media:

If you’re having issues or have any specific questions please direct them to your appropriate platform leaders and representatives:
PC Leader:
PC Commissioner:
XB1 Leader:
XB1: Commissioner:
Also feel free to contact lieutenants and representatives

My channel features everything including GTA 5 / GTA V: Online, Stance, Car Meets, Drifting, Drag Racing, LS Car Scene, Featured Rides, Custom Car Builds. I also provide advanced tutorials, news, updates, comedy shorts and plenty more!

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