GTA 5 – Nissan GTR Gymkhana Drift Montage (Fort Zancudo)

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Hope everyone enjoys this GTA 5 Gymkhana Drift Montage using the BenSopra Nissan GTR in Fort Zancudo! All mods and songs used to make the video are listed below. I made the gymkhana map exclusively for this video.

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Map Download:
(Coming Soon)

Mod List:
– BenSopra Nissan GTR:
(Stock Nissan GTR with BenSopra wide body kit)
– Greddy BenSopra Design:
(I edited the design to my preference for this video)
– Stretched Tires & Wheel Pack:
(Perfect fitment for wide body kit)
– Drift Handling:
(I customized the handling to my preference)
– Turbo Sound:
(Some audio files not used)
– Other Backfire Exhaust Sound:
(Some audio files not used)
– Map Editor:
(Custom gymkhana drift map made by me for this video)
– JDM License Plate Pack:
(I used the boosted license plate frame)
– Stig Outfit:
(I only used the helmet, gloves, and shoes)
– Simple Trainer:
(Used to help with everything)
– Scene Director:
(Used to set up pedestrians and jet drag race)
– Free Camera:
(No boundaries on the free cam in Rockstar Editor)

* Video made on GTA 5 PC using GTA 5 Mods

Music Credits:

Both songs provided by Monstercat

Drift Song:
– Title: Muzzy – Feeling Stronger (feat. Charlotte Colley) [High Maintenance Remix]
– iTunes Download Link:
– Listen on Spotify:
– Video Link:

Outro Song:
– Title: Pegboard Nerds – Just Like That (feat. Jonny Graves)
– iTunes Download Link:
– Listen on Spotify:
– Video Link:

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