GTA 5 Funny Music Videos | Part 7

The next installment of our GTA Funny Music Video series is here! All made with the Rockstar Editor

Enjoy this compilation of funny music clip parodies!
See if you can guess them all!

Songs used:

Red Hot Chili Peppers — Scar Tissue
Meg & Dia — Monster
BJ The Chicago Kid feat Freddie Gibbs & Problem – Smoke and Ride
Bruce Springsteen – The River
Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone
Mortal Kombat theme
Queen – Under Pressure
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly theme
Vengaboys – Boom Boom Boom
Right Said Fred – I’m too sexy
REM – Everybody Hurts
Samwell – What What, in the butt

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In these GTA 5 Short videos, Chaney555, Sonny Fn Evans and EP make montages, GTA 5 skits, funny stories and GTA mini movies using footage recorded in online sessions.

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8-BIT BASTARD is a super mega ultra awesome gaming channel creating original machinima, stunts and recreations. Bringing you a mixture of modern and classic games, 8-BIT BASTARD is home to original episodes of Weazel News, GTA 5 Movie Recreations and the “How Big Is It?” series.

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