GTA 5 Funny Music Videos | Part 6 (PS4 & Xbone)

The next installment of our GTA Funny Music Video series is here! Made on PS4, before the arrival of the PC Editor.

Enjoy this compilation of funny music clip parodies!
See if you can guess them all!

Songs used:

What’s My Age Again — Blink 182
I’m On Fire — Bruce Springsteen
Billie Jean — Michael Jackson
Meet Me Halfway — Black Eyed Peas
Wake Me Up When September Ends — Green Day
I Would Walk 500 Miles — The Proclaimers
Blue — Eiffel 65
Just 2 Guyz — The Lonely Island
Tiptoe Through The Tulips — Tiny Tim
Stayin’ Alive — Bee Gees

~~ GTA 5 Shorts ~~

In these GTA 5 Short videos, Chaney555, Gordymills and Shoalts (plus special guests from reddit’s GTAA crew) make montages, GTA 5 skits, funny stories and GTA mini movies using footage recorded in online sessions.

~~ 8-Bit Bastard ~~

8-BIT BASTARD is a super mega ultra awesome gaming channel creating original machinima, stunts and recreations. Bringing you a mixture of modern and classic games, 8-BIT BASTARD is home to original episodes of Weazel News, GTA 5 Movie Recreations and the “How Big Is It?” series.

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