GTA 5 Fails, Funny Moments & Bloopers #25 (GTA 5 PC)

GTA 5 Fails, Funny Moments and Bloopers #25!
•This series includes funny clips from GTA 5 PC :O
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0:00 Sunshine Stroll 02 (provided by
0:28 Kevin macleod – Moon Lounge Omicron Prime
0:37 Crawling – Linkin Park
1:10 Epic Trailer 04 (provided by
1:44 James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover
2:08 Haddaway – What Is Love
3:25 It’s A Gangster Party (provided by
3:40 Elevator Song
4:00 Kevin Macleod – Hidden Agenda
4:30 Eccentric Vibes 15 (provided by
5:56 Good Days Ahead (provided by
6:10 Titanic flute theme song

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