GTA 5 – EXTREME Go-Kart Drift Montage! (GTA V PC Mod)

GTA 5 – EXTREME Go Kart Drift Montage!

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As soon as I saw this mod, I had to make a drift video with it! I got inspired by people in real life that drift with go karts and drift trikes. That is why I am drifting downhill for the start, just like people do with drift trikes in real life. Hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I did making it! Driving a Go Kart in GTA V is just amazing and drifting it is a lot of fun! :)

Mods used in the video:
– Go Kart:
– Drift Handling:
(I customized the handling to my preference.)
– Open IV:
– Free Camera:

* Video made using Director Mode and Rockstar Editor

Aero Chord – BLVDE
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