GTA 5 Executives and Other Criminals DLC | Showcase, Prices and Total Cost

Welcome to our GTA 5 Executives and Other Criminals DLC showcase. We bought every boat, yacht, mansion, house, apartment, weapon, EVERYTHING! This was to figure out how much it would cost! And its quite the pricey DLC.

Of course you can buy everything with shark cards but that would cost you a great deal. The best thing to do is play heists and earn money that way so you can find yourself on one of these amazing yachts in no time!

~~ GTA 5 Shorts ~~

In these GTA 5 Short videos, Chaney555, SonnyFnEvans and EP make montages, GTA 5 skits, funny stories and GTA mini movies using footage recorded in online sessions. All Grand Theft Auto gameplay footage was recorded on PC and Xbox One.

~~ 8-Bit Bastard ~~

8-BIT BASTARD is a super mega ultra awesome gaming channel creating original machinima, stunts and recreations. Bringing you a mixture of modern and classic games, 8-BIT BASTARD is home to original episodes of Weazel News, GTA 5 Movie Recreations and the “How Big Is It?” series.

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