GTAV Climbkhana Remake Drift Tampa

Presenting a GTA 5 remake of Ken Block’s Climbkhana using my Drift Tampa V2 based off of the Hoonicorn V2. I tried my best to replicate all of the gymkhana drifting to a T along with all of the camera movements with some of my own twists and spoofs in there too!

Huge thanks for 200k subs! I’ll be kicking off the 200k project soon; get commenting what car you want to see me build from scratch that could fit into the GTAverse as a lore-friendly version of an already existing car that we haven’t seen in GTA V yet!

Crew Merch:


Download the Drift Tampa V2:
Now with visually spooling Turbo and shaking motor!

Crew Discord:


Joakim Karum – Loudness Clarity:
Epidemic Sound:

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