Grand Theft Auto V Ragdoll & Slow Motion/Bullet Time MOD [GTAV] [GTAVPC]

Grand Theft Auto V Ragdoll & Slow Motion/Bullet Time MOD by sakratt

Download here: &

Toggle slow motion with a key press (‘Y’ by default). Looks really great, except when shooting in first person at a very low time scale.

Slow down time
Smooth transitions between time changes
Option for different time scales when aiming and when driving
Key binding can be changed

Go ragdoll on demand (‘U’ by default), just like in the console versions. You will stay ragdolled until you are stationary, which means that you will not enter free falling mode (therefore no parachute either).

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Don’t use these mods online – play GTAOnline the way its suppose to be enjoyed and played – keep these mods for Single Player!

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