Grand Theft Auto V – Hotline

A woman with no memory and a killer on the run.
Things are never as they seem.

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Based on Drive, Nightcrawler, and Kill Bill, this movie marks the finale to the Hotline story arc.
The totally real and not fake production crew would like to thank you all for supporting m- their efforts!

Needless to say, this has been a journey, making an hour long movie. More than twice the work of anything I’ve done previous in the 10 years I’ve been slamming my keyboard to make machinima :0

This video shall not be monetized in any way. As such, hour long movie with no advertisements YEE!

There are a few songs playing over the radios in this film that I have intentionally not listed in the credits; can you discover what tracks they are?

As always, much love to Lauren Synger for providing such excellent acting ability for not one, but THREE characters. Go give her some love on her Twitter

Full mod list and music is in the credits. Won’t be answering “WHAT IS” and “WHERE IS” questions.

This’ll be the last major GTA machinima that I make. Can’t totally rule out a release in the future, but something on this scale, as you all know, ain’t quick and easy.

Red Dead editor, here I come (hopefully!)

Love to you all!


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