Grand Theft Auto V Fuel MOD [GTAV] [GTAVPC]

Grand Theft Auto V Fuel MOD by Sakis25

Download here:

The first fuel mod for GTA V!

• Fuel bar above the minimap
• Engine stops if you run out of fuel
• To refill fuel stop the car near a petrol station and sound the horn
• Map with petrol station locations included in archive


Script Hook V
LUA Plugin for Script Hook V
To Do:
– Add all the fuel stations on the map to be able to refill fuel from there
– Hide fuel from bicycles, airplanes, boats etc.
– Somehow store the fuel for the last 5 vehicles. Currently if you get on another car, then all fuel amount is reset to random value

Installation Instructions:

Make sure you have the above requirements first
Extract “FuelScriptV” in the GTA 5 Folder
Make sure “FuelScriptV.lua” is in the “scriptsaddins” folder

Petrol Station Map:

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