GTAOnline Glitch Unlocks North Yankton Map

As the video shows, glitching into the North Yankton map is a two-player mission. One person needs to create an invite-only game of GTA Online, while the other starts to repeat GTA 5′s prologue mission. Once Michael and his crew leave the initial building that they were robbing in the prologue, the player needs to make a left and run past the police and the Bobcat van.

After that, the player in the prologue simply needs to accept a game invite from their co-conspirator. At this point, the two players can grab a helicopter and head southeast until they spot the out of place mountain city floating over the ocean. If you decide to make the voyage, don’t forget your winter coat.

The glitch isn’t any kind of confirmation that North Yankton will ever officially become a part of GTA Online’s playable territories, but it seems like an awesome choice for a future DLC pack. If players start to grow bored with the sunny skies and city roads, street races and death matches on the icy avenues of North Yankton seem like a perfect alternative.

Rockstar has hinted that future GTA Online DLC coming in 2014 will expand on the story of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor; but so far the company has only mentioned the trio’s Southern Los Santos antics. Time will tell whether or not some of that story-based online content will offer players a ticket to North Yankton.

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