First Grand Theft Auto V PC – Trainer D/L

ThatLinGon has released what seems to be the first GTAVPC trainer, its available to download on his website here – It says for Steam only, we tried it using the R* Warehouse Digital version of GTAV and we managed to get a few things working such as the ‘SlowDown, No Reload’ although the $$$ or Unlimited Health didn’t work for us.

It’s quite cool to see what within a day the GTA Community are already started to ‘mod’ GTAVPC – we cannot wait to see what the community do with it, its a masterpiece!

Update: Seems to be another GTAVPC Trainer released:

[NOTE] Readers please don’t be idiots and try this in GTAOnline, its likely to get you a ban, play GTAOnline the way its suppose to be experienced and played, keep GTAV Story for mods and the fun stuff ok!

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