Fan Pics: V Reimagined in 80s VC, Homemade Infographics, Fun with Filters and More

No stranger to taking in the sceneryEnsor1 caught the sun setting on a picturesque day in San Andreas.

This week’s latest round up of exceptional fan-created pics and artwork highlights players that have been taking full advantage of all the new Snapmatic features (released in the recent GTA Online Holiday Gift), plus some helpful and impressively detailed infographics – and after the jump, check out a few of our favorite #XmasInLosSantos snaps that you guys shared during the Holiday Gift period that ended last Sunday January 5th.

We’re always on the lookout for awesome Snapmatic shots and other original fan creations to feature here at the Newswire. If you’ve got a snap or some artwork that you’d like to share, drop a link to it in the comments below so that the rest of the Social Club community can check it out and feedback or email it directly to us at
New Snapmatic photo filters used to a great retro vibe effect. Clockwise from top left: a hazy, sun-drenched Vespucci Beach Party compliments of thegypsy66; Endless summer – the sun sets on another day in Los Santos (by xX-BUGALU-Xx); The heat is on – an LSPD response caught by vonloasterdrug; and Wilkinchatd1 artfully frames a Z-Type on the runway at Los Santos International.

Social Club member seb_Hells using the new Snapmatic filters to punch up the industrious beauty of Los Santos from the Del Perro Pier.

A peaceful sailboat gliding across the sea as snow falls on Christmas night – photo credit: BANDICOOT-RUS.

Also by the talented BANDICOOT-RUS (check the full gallery), this stunner capturing a butterfly against a hazy rural hillside.

Amsterdam based infographic wizards Spijkermat created this elaborate buyers guide to getting the most out of your GTAV driving experience. They tracked the speed, breaking, acceleration and handling of each vehicle, calling out the best buy, most expensive, best specs, and fastest.

You no longer have any excuses for not taking advantage of public transit in Los Santos. Redditor and cartographerm101m102m103 mapped out the Los Santos Transit System and apparently it wasn’t his first time. Originally inspired by another Redditor who took a bus and drove it around a set route in GTAIV, m101m102m103 made this very intricate Liberty City Bus Map.

“Michael, Trevor and Franklin travel down south to lay low for a while, but per usual – things don’t necessarily go as planned.”

Trinidadian artist Gerrel Saunders, does a totally rad job of bringing GTAV back to the 80s in his reimagining titled “GTA: Vice City Nights”.

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