Dragon Ball Z intro recreated in GTA V Side by Side Comparison

The series continues with one of the most famous animes and my personal favourite as well, Dragon Ball Z. I chose the English version of the theme since the Japanese one is blocked in Japan and Germany alike. I swear I’m not a weeaboo.

Michael – Goku
Jimmy – Gohan
Trevor – Piccolo
Steve Haines – Trunks
Devin Weston – Vegeta
Franklin – Tenshinhan
Lamar – Chaozu
Fabien – Yamcha
Omega – Kuririn
Ron – Master Roshi
Wade – Turtle
Lester – Shenron
Tracy – Bulma

Mods used:
Menyoo by MAFINS
Simple Trainer by sjaak327

Normal version:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cq80QOC7v4
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