Huge congrats to @AriozaOfDeath – Rank 1000!

Huge Congrats to Social Club member Arioza@AriozaOfDeath she’s hit the massive milestone of Rank 1000 in GTAOnline tonight, we’ve had chance to catch up with her and ask a few questions over on Twitter around her epic journey


What’s your favourite game type in GTAOnline and why?
My favourite game type has to be the contact missions they are great for RP (Ranking) and for $$$ Money

What’s your favourite vehicle?
Has to be the Turismo R I find it has the best handling

How much money have your earned getting to rank 1000?
I’ve earned around $160million

What’s your favourite heist and why?
Fav heist mission(s) was Humane labs definitely most entertaining & rewards for completion.

We know your a keen GTA Photographer, What’s your favourite Snapmatic, you’ve taken?
This snapmatic of a Rabbit I took:


For those that are not aware Aroiza is a genius when it comes to GTA Photography too, she’s been featured many times on RockstarGames Newswire for her epic shots, and we’ve RT lots of her snaps over on our twitter over the last few months

Check out her snapmatic gallery here

Be sure you follow @AriozaOfDeath over on Twitter

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