Coffin Dance Meme but it’s GTA V (Minecraft Note Block Version)

You may have seen a Minecraft Coffin Dance but how about GTA V version? This is what happens when you run across the Los Santos highway without looking xd

1. If you want to use this video in your comedic edit/compilation, you may do so without asking permission.
2. Just leave the link to this video in the description to give credit.
3. Don’t reupload this meme on its own. Only transformative usage allowed – stuff like montages, compilations, fails, jokes, memes etc. If my clip is a PART of your video, it’s ok. If my clip is 100% of your video – NOT OK.

1. Script Hook V:
2. Menyoo PC Trainer:

Vicetone & Tony Igy – Astronomia (Minecraft version by Grandayy):

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