Captured – GTA 5 movie

Captured – GTA 5 movie

This GTA V movie “Captured” is one of my largest and longest movies yet. This movie was made with Grand Theft Auto 5 on XBOX 1 using the movie creator & Rockstar editor. This GTA 5 film and was directed and edited by me @gtafiveonline

Special thanks to my great friends from Instagram for helping with this project:


Thanks for watching and Hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments below!

Welcome to my YouTube channel created for showcasing Grand Theft Auto 5 movies. I will be adding in the future: GTA 5 news, updates, montages , snapmatics, short videos, tips, car meets and lots of other GTA V content from both story and online mode. All content added will be from next gen consoles such as Xbox one, PS4 and the PC version for movies. Subscribe and Enjoy!

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