15 TIPS FOR PLAYING “LONE WOLF” STYLE IN GTA ONLINE! How to Make the Most Amount of Money!

15 TIPS FOR PLAYING “LONE WOLF” STYLE IN GTA ONLINE! How to Make the Most Amount of Money!
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Vehicle Cargo has 32 cars in total, if you have one-each (make sure no 2 same car but different variant), and then sell one of the 32, you will always get the same one back.

The 32 cars:

Standard :
1. Bestia GTS
2. Sabre Turbo Custom
3. Tampa
4. Banshee 900R
5. Nightshade
6. Jester
7. Turismo R
8. Feltzer
9. Massacro
10. Alpha

Mid :
1. Tropos Rallye
2. Seven-70
3. Sultan RS
4. Cheetah
5. Coquette Classic
6. Verlierer
7. Omnis
8. Zentorno
9. Entity XF
10. Coquette BlackFin

Top :
1. Roosevelt Valor
2. ETR1
3. Z-Type
4. Tyrus
5. Mamba
6. FMJ
7. T20
8. Reaper
9. X80 Proto
10. 811
11. Osiris
12. Stirling GT

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